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How Can I Tell if I Have a Leak?

Leaks can come in all different ways, big, small, hot, cold underground, in your wall, and so on. In addition to those differences, they do not always appear as obviously as homeowner's would like. Leaks above ground - either in the ceiling, or the wall, tend to appear pretty obviously based on gravity. Sometimes, the water may travel a few feet away before hitting your drywall, making it seem that the leak is in a different location than it actually is, but it most likely won't be too hard to find.

Underground leaks are the ones that can really be tricky to find; even though you see water coming up at a certain spot, that does not necessarily mean that the leak is right below you. Like with the leaks above the ground, the water will pool into the lowest point possible and then begin to rise. So that means a leak can be forming for maybe days or even weeks before it rises to a noticeable level.

Signs to Look Out For

1. Sound - One of the more obvious things to look out for is the sound of running water. If you know that you have all of your water fixtures turned off, and you can hear a faint sound of water moving through the walls or floor, you may definitely have a leak.

2. Different Temperature in the Floor - This case is most noticeable if you have tile flooring. But, if you are walking around your first floor and notice a spot where their is a noticeable warmer OR colder spot, you may have a leak pooling underneath you. That temperature will also be an indicator of whether you have a leak in a cold water pipe, or a hot water pipe.

3. Your Water Bill - If you have a noticeable spike in your water bill and you don't think your water usage has changed too much, that may indicate that you have a leak somewhere that you haven't noticed.

4. Water Meter - If you have noticed one of the above-mentioned signs, or if you just have a hunch something might be wrong, make sure all of your water fixtures are turned off, and walk out to your water meter to see if it is moving. There should be a small triangle in the center of the meter, and if that is moving, it means that water is moving somewhere past the meter, and could mean you have a leak somewhere.

If any of these are indicating you have a leak, you want to try to jump on it as soon as possible, ESPECIALLY if you have wood floor! Call us today and we can find your leak, cap it, and give you the best solution to fixing the problem. Also, feel free to call us if you have any other questions! 949-858-3818

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