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Attic Fans versus HVAC Systems: What Is Right For You?

With summer quickly approaching, we wanted to discuss an option to help keep you and your home cool. Every now and then we get questions and requests for estimates on attic fans, also known as whole-house fans; and to be honest, we are quite surprised that we do not get more of these inquiries. Southern California is the absolute perfect climate for a whole-house fan, with its dry days and cool nights.

Attic fans are an extremely cost-efficient way to cool down your home. They are installed in your attic and create a circulation of cool, night air that comes from the outside (through open windows or doors) and pushes that air through and exiting from the roof in your attic (through a new vent that would be installed). The sun beats down on your roof all day which results in a heat load in your attic that makes it hard to cool your home with an air conditioning system alone. The circulation of air from an attic fan aids in the cooling of your home while also reducing the temperature in your attic. This circulation reduces that heat load and increases the length of time that your house remains cool throughout the day.

Attic fans are incredibly cost efficient when compared to standard air conditioning systems. A fan can be run all through the night keeping your house cool at a fraction of the cost of a HVAC system. Many fans will run on a regular basis without a steep increase in your electric bill; like your air conditioning system would. It is comparable to having a ceiling fan, or any other standard electrical appliance run through the night.

If you would like more information on attic fans, or if you would like an estimate on having one installed in your home, please do not hesitate to contact us! We would love to help educate you in your decision.

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