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Santa Margarita Plumbing, Heating & Air employs an experienced staff of service technicians and fully-equipped trucks for our plumbers to accommodate all your plumbing needs. We service both South Orange County residential & South Orange County commercial jobs while also accommodating service contracts or insurance work. Some of our specialties include:
Electronic Leak Detection -
Slab leaks generally occur when underground copper piping deteriorates and develops pinhole leaks. If you suspect you might have a slab leak (you feel a warm floor, your water bill increases, or you hear water running in your walls), our experienced technicians can quickly diagnose it with the use of our hi-tech electronic leak detection equipment.


Slab Leaks - When you develop a leak in a pipe beneath the concrete slab that your house sits on, you have what is called a slab leak. Instead of getting a jackhammer and opening the floor, we cap and abandon the existing leaking pipe and reroute it through the ceiling, only creating minor drywall damage. If you need contact for drywall repair, we have recommendations.


Drain Cleaning, Hydro Jetting & Underground Camera Work - We carry an assortment of drain-cleaning machines to suit your needs. Our high-quality camera equipment can quickly and efficiently diagnose any problem. Our hydro-jetting process utilizes high pressure water (4000 psi) to efficiently and effectively cut tree roots and remove grease from sewer lines.


Contact Santa Margarita Plumbing, Heating & Air at     949-858-3818 for any plumbing needs you may have in South Orange County. 


Fixture Repair, Sinks, Garbage Disposals, Showers,Tubs & Toilets - Whether you need your existing fixtures repaired or you want a whole new look, we can do it for you. We offer top quality brands such as Toto, Kohler, Moen and many more.


Water Heaters & Tankless Water Heaters – We are expert installers of water heaters. We can replace your existing water heater with a more efficient Rheem model or introduce you to the latest in Noritz tankless water heaters. Whichever you choose, we will properly install the new one and haul away your old one at no extra charge.


Copper Re-Pipes – Everything ages, including pipes. Some signs of old, deteriorating pipes include yellow or rust-colored water, low water pressure, and extreme changes in water temperature. Repiping your home using high-quality copper piping can solve these problems. We can handle all phases of your repiping project from the initial estimate, site preparation and installation, to restoration and final inspection. 


PEX Re-Pipes - Along with relining the pipes in your house with copper, our technicians are also able to reline the existing plumbing in your house in PEX pipe. PEX is a flexible plastic that can be routed through your house in the same manner as copper piping, and can occasionally work out to be a less-expensive option. Both copper and PEX have their respective benefits, if you are interested in repiping your house and would like more information, we'd be happy to help you.

Gas Line Repair & Installation – We can install or repair any gas line or main. All our technicians have experience installing traditional gas piping into homes, outdoor BBQs and fire pits. In addition, our entire crew is certified to install the latest flexible gas line, Wardflex™. This new piping can make future repair easier and more affordable.

Plumbing - Cleaning consists of the elimination of all obstacles that obstruct the drainage traffic with a continuous and deep dissolving so that there is an efficient evacuation of residual or rain liquids.

Santa Margarita Plumbing, Heating & Air is pleased to serve the communities of Rancho Santa Margarita, Mission Viejo, Ladera Ranch, Coto de Caza, Dove Canyon, Robinson Ranch, Foothill Ranch and Rancho Cielo.

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