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Pesky Pinhole Leaks

The history of having plumbing in ones house, dates back hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. While there have been many developments and advancements in technology have made leaks less common, there is really nothing that can be done to 100% prevent a leak from occurring. When you get moving water through a pipe, the only thing you can guarantee is that it will get worn down until finally it creates a hole.

Causes of Pinhole Leaks

While the major cause of pinhole leaks is the continual movement of water running against the inside of the pipes, there are other contributing factors that can lead to leaks. Earthquakes are obviously a big concern in California, but they can also aid in the deterioration of the pipes; the movement in the ground can cause the pipes to rub against a wall and create leaks faster. Also, while water quality is improved by chemicals added to clean it, and make it healthier for us; the water has a higher rate of wearing down the pipes.

Repairing of Pinhole Leaks

The benefit of having a pinhole leak versus a slab leak is that usually it is fairly simple to find where it is coming from. This is due to the fact that most times the water spot indicating a leak will be relatively close to where the leak is located at in the pipe. This isn't 100% of the time, but it is definitely a good percentage of the time. Once the location is established, we cut out the section of pipe that has failed and replace it with new piping. Once you develop more than one leak, it is a good time to consider a whole-house repipe; because you will only get more leaks, and we don't want you to waste money by doing minor repairs when a leak is just going to show in a different part of your house.

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