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Water Pressure Regulators

A water pressure regulator is a plumbing valve that reduces the water pressure coming from the main water line into the house. This valve brings down the pressure to a safe level before the water reaches any plumbing fixtures inside the home. Too much water pressure will cause many plumbing problems for the average homeowner so it is very important to keep the water pressure under control.

The most common source of excessive water pressure is the municipal water supplier. The water company sets the pressure to meet their own needs, such as delivering water to fire hydrants, tall buildings, and other reasons. This water pressure is often well over 100 psi, and too often over 150 psi. However, the maximum recommended pressure for a residence is 75 psi.

Like all plumbing fixtures and valves water pressure regulators will go bad at some point. If you notice water hammering of any type, more water pressure, less water pressure, or other inconsistencies in the water pressure it may be an indicator that the water pressure regulator is not working properly. Test the water pressure with a gauge if there is any question of the regulator’s effectiveness. Testing the water pressure at least once a year is always a good idea. Too much water pressure will put extra strain on the home’s plumbing systems and can cause toilets to run, faucets to drip, water hammers to occur in the walls, and in extreme cases it can a burst pipe and flood your house.

During this severe drought we are currently in, we want to help all of our neighbors to avoid any excessive water use, and the best way to do that is being vigilant about checking for things out of the ordinary. If something doesn’t seem quite right, investigate further or if you can’t figure it out, call us and we’d love to discuss it with you or we can send someone over to take a look if we think that’s necessary.

If you have any further questions or a question on another topic, always feel free to call us at 949-858-3818!

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