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Plumbing Planning for Spring Break!

If you’re planning a big summer vacation (or even just a weekend getaway) you probably have a list of tasks to get your home ready for your absence. But it’s not enough to just stop the mail and reprogram the thermostat -- your household plumbing system needs some quick-and-easy preparation as well.


If a pipe were to spring a leak in your home, you would shut off the water supply at the first sign of trouble, right? But what if you aren’t around to spot that first sign? The water will just keep flowing, creating a potentially catastrophic mess to greet you when you get home from your trip.

While the odds of this happening to a well-maintained home are slim, the stakes are high -- and the solution is simple. Whenever you plan on hitting the road for more than a day, you can buy yourself some insurance by simply shutting off the main water water supply to your home.

Save Energy, Save Water

An added bonus to any summer vacation is the savings you’ll reap from leaving your home unoccupied. Not using your household lights, appliances and electronics for several days can make a big difference in your electrical bill, and you may also see a difference in your water bill while you’re showering in hotels and letting restaurants do the dishes.

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